6 Responses to “2011 RIDING TRAILS TO OAMARU”

  1. Maaka Says:

    Kia Ora

    I am thinking of riding the South Island starting out from Geraldine, do coast to coast and then bottom to top, and maybe on up thru the North Island. Can a man do these cavalcade routes on his own? does the trail cross private land?


  2. Carol Says:

    Hello there. Do you know if any thing is being organised for motor homers. Thanks

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

      Yes there is. Contact the Host town Committee on: Jane & Barry Simpson 03 4312878

      Dave Heffernan 03 4324212

  3. margaret jiang Says:

    Hi am interested in the trails. Is it possible to hire a horse?

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

      Yeh it is possible but we leave it up to you to organise. See our classifieds page as a starting point. http://cavalcade.co.nz/classifieds/

    2. Gilly Darbey Says:

      HI Margaret not sure if you have ahorse as yet but someone backed out and I now have a gorgeous standardbred gelding, for hire. He’s is a dream to ride, walks out well, experienced and would take you anywhere.
      03 447 4077

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