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“No back-up vehicle” Riding with Packhorse Trail

Trail Boss: April Hill and Gandy Burrows   Phone:  03 3188618 Email:

Duration:    7 days                            Meet on: Saturday 18th February                       Limit    30



Saturday 18 February: Meet  before 4 pm at Dalrachney Station on the Omarama side of the Lindis Pass.  Final gear and horse check as you arrive.

Sunday 19: From Dalrachney Station we cross the main Lindis Road and ride through the heart of Merino country, sidling around the foothill country of the Dunstan Range and onto Shirlmar Station for the night, right in the heart of the Lindis Pass.

Monday 20: Today we head into the Dunstan Ranges and down the Dunstan Creek to Mt St Bathans Station close to the old gold mining township of St Bathans.

Tuesday 21: From St Bathans, we ride through to the historic Cambrian Village to be met by a local historian and given a talk on the history of this interesting area.  Then through some foothill country around the Dunstan Mountains through Lauder Station to Tony Glassfords Station near Drybread.

Wednesday 22: Still more foothill country today, around the vicinity of Thompsons gorge, through the old gold mining village of Matakanui to Matakanui Station.

Thursday 23: Today we go through two well known Merino places, Matakanui and Moutere Stations into the Waikerikeri Valley to Earl Atfields place at the foot of Leaning Rock.

Friday 23: From Waikerikeri Valley we ride to picturesque Clyde township (formerly known as Hartley’s) at the bottom end of Lake Dunstan. After crossing over the Clutha we ride straight up and over the back trails to Bannockburn via Earnscleugh and Cairnmuir Stations staying the night at Carrick Station.

Saturday 25th: A half days ride from Don Clarks through Bannockburn to Cromwell racecourse and the grand parade, markets, dinner and hoe-down…

You will need to carry all your own gear, food, swag and booze on your pack horse.  We recommend one pack horse between two riders.  You and your horse will need to be fit and well shod.  You must also be able to lead two horses downhill whilst walking.  Most accommodation is in woolsheds or tent.  Any queries feel free to ring and discuss.

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One Response to “Speight’s Pack Horse Traverse – Riding trail”

  1. lucy jack Says:

    I’d like to register but have no pack horse. could i share a pack horse with anyone?

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