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‘WAITIRI WANDERERS’  – Riding Trail. 

Arrowtown to Lowburn


Trail Boss: Jane Whitmore        Phone:  03 4157776                  Email:

Duration 5 days           Meet: Monday 20th  February             Limit: 70



Monday 20th February: Meet between 2pm and 7pm at 902 Malaghans Road, Arrowtown

Tuesday 21st: A loop ride up to Macetown and back. Expected time of 7hrs. Historical points of interest on the way and the location itself relating to the Gold rush era.

Wednesday 22nd: Heading  to Waitiri Station. Expected time of 7hrs. A ride around the back of Arrowtown, a small climb up to Eastbourne Station, a look across onto Gibbston Valley vineyards as we make our way to Waitiri Station.

Thursday 23rd: A loop ride from Waitiri Station up onto the Crown Range and back. Expected time of 7hrs.

Friday 24th: Heading to Donald Youngs property. Expected time of 8hrs. A climb up and down to cross the Roaring Meg, join onto the Roaring Meg Pack Track, drop down onto Burn Cottage Road.

Saturday 25th: Ride around the lake front, assembling with other trails before crossing SH6 onto the Cromwell Racecourse for parade and end of Cavalcade. The caterers are from Middlemarch and are fundraising for their local school. They will be running a mini bar – please support.

This trail is possibly the easiest going of all the riding trails. However a reasonable amount of fitness is still required by the rider and horses are to be fit and shod (or boots) as the surface is stony.  There are two stopovers where we spent two nights at each.  If people wish to shift floats etc its up to them to organise.

The shirts for Cromwell 2012 - going back to basic's $35


One Response to “Waitiri Wanderers – Riding trail”

  1. Sheryl Webster Says:

    Hi Jane, Thanks for returning my call last week, My Friend and I are hoping to be registered for your trail by next weekend. At the moment we are still looking for a float, not too worried yet still a few months to get sorted:)

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