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‘WAKATIPU TRAIL’ – riding trail.

Kinloch to Bannockburn


Trail Boss: Murray MacMillan           Phone 03 4451223          Email         

Trail Boss: Edgar Parcell                 Meet on: Saturday 18th February       Limit:  25

      FIRST AID MCX    

Saturday 18th February: Meet at Kinloch on the west side of Lake Wakatipu past Glenorchy.   We have a 9km afternoon ride to Greenstone Station.   As the road is very narrow and windy no vehicles are to be driven past Kinloch for reasons of safety.

Sunday 19th: The ride from Greenstone to Mt Nicholas Station along the lake shore is a nice and easy day of approx 20km

Monday 20th: Today we ride to Cecil Peak Station which will be long day of approx 47km.   It takes us up over the Afton saddle which is on Walter Peak, into remote and beautiful inaccessible country and ride down the Lochie river to Cecil Peak.

Tuesday 21st:  We cross over the lake Wakatipu by barge to Staircase Creek and then ride through Loch Linnie Station country to Lorne Peak Station. (If we have been held up a day prior to this due to bad weather or something then we will do a bigger day this day, take a more direct route and go straight on to the musterers hut at Whittens Creek.)

Wednesday 22nd: The ride today takes us up the Lorne Peak Station pack track and over the top into the Upper Nevis Valley then onto the Loch Linnie musterers hut at Whittens Creek.

Thursday 23rd:  This morning we ride down the road to Commissioners Creek and cross over the Nevis onto Carrick country and then onto Craig Rog Station.

Friday 24th:  Ride up through Craig Roy to the Duffers Saddle and then down the chow spur on Happy Valley Station to Pisa View Farm

Saturday 25th:  Ride down through Pisa View into Carrick Station then along the Renshaw ridge to Bannockburn inlet then onto the end of the trail at the racecourse.

This ride is NOT for novices, but experienced riders only. Numbers are strictly limited to 25 so please include an alternative trail on the registration form.

NO rider backups on this trail. There will only be two official back-up vehicles to carry everything so no room for horse feed etc…  just the barest of bedding and riders gear.

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7 Responses to “Wakatipu – Riding trail”

  1. Gaewyn Hodsell Says:

    Hi. Was hoping to travel to Kinloch on the 17th from Inv ercargill. Do you know if there is a paddock to overnight my pony? Thanks a lot. Gaewyn

  2. Jack Winks Says:

    Have done a similar trail a few years back with these two hard cases…would love to do a repeat.Glad theyre both back in business….Jack Winks

  3. Todd and Jace Heynes Says:

    Hi just pleading our case to get on this trail. My wife and I are fit experienced riders with good hill country horses who are extremely keen to see more of this area and would love to come down from the Wairarapa to go on this trail.
    Entry fees all paid just wanted to see if there was anything we could do to ensure to come along.
    Todd &Jace

  4. Jill Jenkins Says:

    Hi. I am an experienced rider. Horses all my life. Tramper and qualified outdoor instructor. Have tramped Greenstone/Routburne, ridden Glenorchy Races and done one Cavalcade

  5. Caro Rennebeck / Glenorchy Says:

    Hi there, I would love to join the Wakatipu Trail ride. How can I book on it :-)
    I live in Glenorchy and would love to take the chance to see more of my back country. My Horse and i doing lots of overnight trips, so basic bush-accommodation and life on a breadcrumb is not a problem :-) looking forward to more info or the application details, cheers Caro.

    If you have any questions please don`t hesitate to call or txt 0275171030

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

      Hi Caro – just download the entry form, fill it in, attach a cheque and post to PO Box 91 Cromwell. Att: Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust

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