Welcome to the Goldfields Cavalcade website.

Next Cavalcade will be late February 2010, finishing in Wanaka. Final details to be confirmed.
If you ever dreamt of trekking by foot, horse, or atop a wagon, through some of New Zealand’s most beautiful and remote tussock-covered hills, a Cavalcade Trail could be for you.

Since 1991, the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust has organised the annual Cavalcade, an event for horse-riders, wagoners and walkers to trek across the hills and lowlands of Central Otago, re-tracing the steps and trails of the gold miners who sought their fortune in inland Otago, at the end of the nineteenth century.

Following the old gold miners trails into Central Otago

Your golden adventure awaits, the hills beckon and the laughter will warm you.
Those who choose to become Trust members receive registration forms hot off the press with priority on their trail of choice for the first two weeks.

The Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust and the Cavalcade As a non-profit organization, the Otago Heritage Goldfields Trust aims to promote, preserve and present the gold mining heritage of Otago to public audiences. As a self-funding event, the Cavalcade and their trails are budgeted at cost. Hence, all fees are directed towards paying for administrative, catering, host town and landowner costs. Your participation in the Cavalcade supports the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to the Goldfields Cavalcade website.

  1. Hi Linda,

    Thanks very much for your interest! Once the Trail Bosses have finalised their trails we will have discriptions on this site and we will be better able to recommend different trails.

    Membership to the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust is $40 per year for an individual or $65 for a couple/family. For more info click here.

  2. Hi, I am planning to ride in the Cavalcade for the first time in 2010 so please put me on your list for updates. What trail would you recommend for a relatively inexperienced first timer? Can you tell me about Trust membership please, what it costs etc.
    Kind regards
    Linda Duff

  3. I have done 2 stages of the Great NZ Trek which has left from Cape Reinga and is heading to the Bluff so I have every confidence in the organisers of this kind of event!! and look forward to progress emails as routes are finalised- the cost is really reasonable too….getting excited already!! Thanks, Elaine

  4. Hi Elaine, the Cavalcade is made up of up-to 10, quite different, trails. Some are Walking, some are riding and then there are Light wagon and heavy wagon trails too. Even the riding trails can all vary quite a bit around the number of nights on the trail, the terrain and the cost. Next years Cavalcade is still in the planning stages, some trails will cover tougher terrain than others but as soon as we have the details we will put them up here and email them out to all who’re interested. You do need to be a confident rider to take part in the riding trails. Ball-park figure for the cost of the Cavalcade is $350-$750, this includes all food and shelter for 3-6nights.

  5. Hi , please add me to your list of people keen to ride in 2010 Cavalcade. What is the approx.cost please? Are all the trails similar as far as terrain/skill goes? Thanks

  6. The Hoe-down is most likely to be Sat 27th Feb 2010, trails will head out between 4-7days prior to that. All still yet to be confirmed. Final confimation and entries will be out around August.

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