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Trail Boss: Sandra Cain

PH: 03 4881 033   

Email: walkingtrail@xtra.co.nz

Duration: 4 Days                   

Meet: Tuesday 23rd February 2010      Limit: 50

Your 4 day trail is a little different this year as we begin and finish in Wanaka


Want a trail with that x factor – read on.

This is a one off opportunity to join our very special and exciting trail on the shores of Lake Wanaka. Over the next three days we will make our way over varied terrain heading up the lake to the beautiful Minaret Station this is not accessible by road. We will have breathtaking views, ride on a Barge, we will be walking towards the mountains every day and we have a very special treat. Those of you that know me know I love to spring something special during the trail this is the very best of them all but it is a secret so you will have to join us to find out more.

Our gathering at Wanaka on Tuesday evening signals the start of the trail.

Wednesday and our destination today is West Wanaka Station. Leaving Wanaka we will follow the shoreline to Glendhu Bay here we climb above the bluffs (the views are spectacular) before descending towards West Wanaka Station.

On Thursday the terrain is varied as we spend time both near the shore and further inland. We will climb up to 740 metres where the scenery is everything you would expect to see in the travel promotions.

Friday morning and leaving the woolshed we continue heading towards the mountains and Minaret Station. We will have time for swimming or maybe some will catch a Trout or Salmon along the way.

On Saturday morning we will barge across Lake Wanaka. Boarding our waiting bus we will have awesome views of Lake Hawea as we return to Wanaka where we will join the other trails for the grand parade.

A high standard of tramping fitness is required as most days involve 6-7 hours tramping over varied terrain. Our backup team will transport your gear, but walkers will need to carry a backpack containing personal effects. Caterers will provide our meals and accommodation will be in a hall and woolsheds.

A safe parking area is available for those wishing to leave their vehicle at Wanaka.


This really is a special and fun trail and an experience you will not want to miss.

The price does include the cost of the barge, bus and yes that special treat.

See you in February.

make sure you ‘get the gear’ – Top Quality Swanndri stuff at cheapest prices available- order with your registration.

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