Trail Boss: Stu Moore Phone: 0274 549 929 Email

Duration: 7 days Meet: Saturday 20th February At: Ben Ohau Station, Twizel Limit: 80

All horses must be freshly shod, hill and saddle fit, able to cross rivers, bogs and negotiate narrow tracks. Unruly horses should be avoided as mounts (as they just stir up everyone else’s quiet horses), but if you do have to bring a kicker, it MUST be clearly identified by a large red ribbon in their tail. Please make sure your gear fits your horse well in advance of the cavalcade, no good trying out a new saddle on an 8 hour day! No stallions. No electric tape pens. Horses will be paddocked at each night stop, in two groups for the duration of the ride.

Good quality meadow hay will be provided at each stopover. If you wish to hard feed your horse, bring your own hard feed (keeping in mind the gear allowance please). Bring heaps of sunscreen as we have ordered fine weather! Electrolytes for horse & human would be beneficial.

It will be compulsory for horses to be tied up for a least an hour when we get in each night to enable our wranglers/trail boss to check them for any problems, plus allow us to put hay out in the paddocks before letting the horses go. Wranglers/trail boss will advise where to put your horses each night after the ‘tie up’ checks are done.

Our caterers this year will be the same incredible team we had last year – The Elk House, Ken Smith and his fabulous team. So make sure you starve yourself before the trail to make room for their amazing tucker!

IMPORTANT – GEAR ALLOWANCE It is imperative that you stick to the minimum gear allowance. EQUIVALENT TO A CHAFF SACK SIZE, (horse cover & swag on top of that is acceptable). If you can’t lift it, don’t expect our Gopher’s to lift it. If you have your own back up and vehicle, you can bring whatever you like!

Saturday: Meet at Ben Ohau Station, near Twizel (between Pukaki and Ohau).There will be a compulsory horse and gear check from 3pm onwards, dinner to follow.

Sunday: Depart Ben Ohau headed for Lake Ohau Station. Today’s ride will take us out over the Canal, up into the Ben Ohau Mountains down into the top end of Lake Ohau where we have a few river crossings and onto Lake Ohau Station. If the weather is fine we should have some fantastic views of all the surrounding lakes today.

Monday: We leave Lake Ohau Station travelling around the edge of Lake Ohau to Ribbonwood Station. Good chance for a cool off in the lake today, if you dare (weather permitting!).

Tuesday: Today is an easy half day from Ribbonwood to Ben Avon Station. Afternoon will involve the annual Touch Rugby match, bareback barrel race (practising prohibited!) and other optional activities and hilarity. This should be a very relaxing and enjoyable day.

Wednesday: Our destination today is Forest Range in the Lindis Pass. This will be a gutsy day riding through Longslip & Dalrachney Stations – lots of good climbs and views to match.

Thursday: We ride from Forest Range to Lake Hawea Station via the Grandview track dropping into Breast Creek then climb out into Breast Peak with some spectacular views of Lake Hawea hopefully, then down onto the station.

Friday: Today we will go around the edge of Lake Hawea via Lake Hawea township then around to the Mt Burke area to our final night’s stopover.

Saturday-We’re there! Saturday sees us making our way to the Wanaka Rodeo Club Grounds, in preparation for the parade and finale. We will be staying here overnight (horses and people).

If you have any questions please contact Trail Boss Stuart Moore on 0274-549-929, 03-4466741 or

make sure you ‘get the gear’ – Top Quality Swanndri stuff at cheapest prices available- order with your registration.

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