‘NRM’ Boundary Riders

NRM - Feed to succeed website...Trail Boss: Tony Roderique

Phone: 027 2222258 or 03 207 1774 

email: tnt@e3.net.nz  

Duration: 7 days Meet: 20th February Limit 80

We gather at Tim Scurrs place opposite Cardrona Ski Field on the 20th of Febuary.

We stay there for 3 days, with rides along the Cardrona River, with 1 day into the Snow Farm, taking in the Possum Borne Mermorial and the great views over the Cardrona
From there we shift to John Mc Raes – GlendHu Station.  Another 3 days
riding with Lake front riding and into the hills around Wanaka.
There are some terrific views on the rides.
The Alexandra Lions will be doing a great job as usual as our cooks.   They
will also be running their bar.
Breakfast at 7a.m, ride-out 8.30a.m hoping to return by 4.30p.m daily.
Horses and riders must be hill-fit for this ride.

make sure you ‘get the gear’ – Top Quality Swanndri stuff at cheapest prices available- order with your registration.

Swanndri ladies shirt w logo Swanndri mens shirt w logo Wanaka vest w logo

One thought on “‘NRM’ Boundary Riders

  1. Just got this email from Carmen- good to know!
    Hi Terry

    I can recommend the NRM Low GI Sport – it’s a slow release energy feed less likely to ‘hot’ up cavalcade horses.
    Take care though with the small pellets, some horses that gulp their feed may be prone to choking (I had it happen!).


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