Bits and Pieces – Cavalcade from a horses saddle

Love the Goldfields Cavalcade? Know someone who does? This book could be a great gift for someone or a treasured item in your own library.

Download an order form for “Bits and Pieces – Cavalcade – from a horse’s saddle”
Written by Dorothy McGregor-Cathcart
-Limited stocks left.

A record of all the trails from 1991 – 2007 with bits and pieces of history built around them for future reference. Recognising and appreciating the cooperation of landowners in crossing their land and using their woolsheds, as well as the dedication, the many hours of unpaid labour by trail bosses and all support crews, in putting a trail together to give hundreds of people the pleasure of seeing country that they would never have seen otherwise, has been the driving force behind this story.
Over 200 photos from a variety of photographers, this book is A4 size. Special price for direct orders!!

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