Looking for a good saddle?

Phone Jacalyn Reynolds  021 305 385

I own horses and ride in rough country, do all my cattle work on my horse and ride over big distances and have recently been in search of a new saddle.  To cut a long story short I have found a range of saddles that are superb quality and affordable and so I have bought a few over from Australia and am trying to let people know that I have them here in NZ, if they have been looking for something similar.

This first one is also Polocrosse legal and was designed by a polocrosse rider but is widely used for trail riding.

This is the Drover model.

These are a few photos to show you what they are like.  There are a number of different shapes, colours, roughout vs face leather and they are all currently $2200 inc GST.

They are brilliant saddles for long hours of trail riding as they are really comfy for both horse and rider.  I have been unable to source a saddle like this available in NZ and the only ones I found were also bought over from Australia and were nearly twice this price.  I am farming so don’t have the overheads of a saddlery, so can keep the price down at an affordable level.

I found that VERY few people in Australia now purchase what we call traditional stock saddles, ie with flaps and English stuffed pads.  The majority of the custom made saddles are now like those above, called Swinging Fender or HalfBreed saddles, which are built on a closer contact western tree, with large weight bearing skirts for horse comfort and fenders  instead of stirrups.  Bascially the same style as these saddles.

I don’t know if you have a newsletter that goes out to people who do trail riding, cattle work , endurance, polocrosse  etc and who may be interested in trying this style but if you do, would you be willing to help me let people know they are available?  If you can suggest anywhere I can do some advertising, that would be great.  So much of the horse industry and magazines etc focus almost exclusively on English styles that it is difficult to know where to market these and be able to reach interested horseowners.

I also have some really good saddle pads, 30mm thick felted wool, and also thick neoprene/felt ones.  Western shaped.  Great cushioning on long rides.

This is the wool one.  I won’t bore you with photos of the others at this stage but please ask if you do want to see them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I hope that I will hear from you.


Kind Regards


Jacalyn Reynolds  021 305 385 – Near TAUPO

5 thoughts on “Looking for a good saddle?”

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  2. Hi there, I have had one of these but had to sell it as they are too narrow for most NZ crossbred type horses – fine if you ride a narrow standardbred or thoroughbred type. They are a reasonably made saddle of mid range quality, but if you have a horse that’s solid they are just too narrow. Hope that helps anyone looking at them.:)

    1. Hi Carmen I am sorry but you cannot be referring to the same saddles. I have fitted these saddles on chunky 15’3″ clydey crosses and yesterday sold one to a farmer with a 17′ purebred clydey and they fit superbly well. Believe it or not, the same saddle was also purchased for a fine boned 14’2″ young paint horse and fits really well. I hope from this you can see that they do not have a narrow tree. I have almost finished constructing my website, which shows considerably more information on these saddles. I currently have 6 different saddles in stock and two more on the way. If any one would like to see the saddles and read customers feedback please have a look at http://www.highcountrysaddlery.co.nz It is not complete yet but the saddles section has plenty of info in it. Cheers

      1. The one I had was from Horselines (Australia) and was a Polocrosse Deluxe Model. Definately the same saddles as what you’re selling. We ride a lot of different horses here on the station, and all the cattle mustering is done on horses so we need something that fits a lot of different horses, for long periods of time – this saddle didn’t. Good luck with your venture:)

      2. Thanks for that. We have a good range of saddles so there will usually be one that fits different peoples’ horses. I like to do a range for this reason, also because it gives people a choice of how the saddle feels to ride in. I have not fitted a Polocrosse on a taller wide horse but it fits all the 15 hand stationbred types that I have ridden it in. The ones that have fitted on the taller clydeys are the Drover and Campdrafter. They are bigger, robust saddles very suitable for station work. Sorry you didn’t feel the Polocrosse was what you wanted. I would recommend the Drover or Team Penner for your situation. You are very welcome to try one of these if you would like?

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