A Remarkable Clutha Run!


Online entries open for OGHT members 1st October 2021 (Everyone else 1st November 2021)

Trail Boss: Roger Leslie. 6 Days. Fully Catered and supported. Trail Runners and fast hikers welcome. Head out by 8:00am, typically in by 4pm. 25-35km per day mostly over high country/farm 4WD tracks, single tracks, sheep tracks…

This is not a race! This is a recreational multi-day trail run/tramp.

$800 (TBC)

When do I need to be where? Queenstown – (Click here for a map to the meet up point) By 4pm Sunday 27th Februray 2022. Alternate options are to park at Millers Flat and be uplifted from there at 1pm (bring $20 for the bus). Qzn Airport collection is available)


How hard will the days be? Between 25-35km per day, plenty of good honest climbs each day (And some amazing ridges) until the last day where you will be following the Roxburgh Gold trail beside the Clutha River. This is more about a fun experience than any sort of race! But you will have some amazing experiences in places quite challenging for running/hiking.

What can we expect en route? AMAZING VIEWS, GREAT FOOD, fun leaders, friendly support people and a great bunch of other like minded outdoor nutters! Really hot temperatures! 30 degrees plus. Freezing cold temperatures! -5 degrees maybe colder with the wind chill factor – You can get all sorts of weather in these Central Otago mountains. At this time of year it is typically warm/hot but southerly storms can blow through (short lived) at any time.


What do I need to bring?   Various layers of clothing – thermal underwear (legs and tops) t-shirts, fleece/merino mid weight tops, a warm pair of gloves, warm hat and/or Buff, SEAM SEALED water proof jacket. Toiletries. Couple of changes of undies. Your own plate/cutlery/mug. Sleeping bag and mat. Tent- Tents will be required every night – although, so that the back-up crew don’t need to carry too many tents, we will be encouraging sharing! So if you are coming with a friend one between two or three will be fine. If you are stuck we can source an extra tent or two. One large pack per person and your sleeping matt/bag will be transferred for you each day. You will need to run with a decent day-pack that can carry 1L of water, snacks, jacket, emergency blanket…

Oh and don’t forget your dress-ups for the parade! Items of ‘period’ costume to be brought and left in your car to be changed into before the grand parade 12pm on the Saturday. (We have a box of dress-ups that might work for some of ya)


Where are we going? 

Meet Sunday 27th Feb at……. for our first night. Evening meal provided.

Monday. Straight into it! Up the Wye Creek track on the Remarkables, past Ben Nevis (the mountain) and down to our nights accommodation at Ben Nevis high country station. Stunning views in all directions. (25kms?)

Tuesday. Heading to Bannockburn via Mt Difficulty. Stunning views in all directions. (25kms?)

Wednesday. Heading to Earnscleugh along the flash new Cromwell Gorge trail. Stunning views ahead and to your right (if you look left across the lake you’ll see the highway) (35km?)

Thursday – Back uphill onto the Old Man Range, visit Kapuwai then down to Mitchels Cottage.

Friday. To Pinders Pond near Roxburgh…

Saturday. Short run down the beautiful Clutha Gold Trail to Millers Flat in time to get ready for the Grand Parade! Afternoon markets, entertainment… Party!


Questions? About the Trail in particular call the trail boss Roger 021 761 087 or email rogandjoy@slingshot.co.nz 

Questions? About the Cavalcade in general? terry@cavalcade.co.nz Or call the office 03 445 0111