‘Flat out to Millers Flat!’ – TRAMPING TRAIL

Entries open for OGHT members on the 1st October (1st November for everyone else)

Trail Boss: Steve Clark. 6 Days. Self supported. Fit trampers welcome. Head out by 8am, typically in by 4pm. Good solid days tramping over high country/farm 4WD tracks, sheep tracks, no tracks.

The fully self supported trail. Max 12 people. Carry all your own gear – real tramping – the way they did it back in 1862 (with possibly more comfortable boots)


Click here for Steve’s PDF with maps and all the details!

When do I need to be where? Millers Flat By 3pm Sunday 26th February 2023

How hard will the days be? Between 20-25km per day, some days have some good honest climbs. Because you are carrying a full tramping pack this is the hardest of the foot trails.

What can we expect en route? AMAZING VIEWS, huts/tenting in the mountains (depending on numbers and beds available in the huts), a great bunch of other like minded outdoor enthusiasts! Really  hot temperatures! 30 degrees plus. Freezing cold temperatures! -5 degrees maybe colder with the wind chill factor – You can get all sorts of weather in the Central Otago mountains. At this time of year it is typically warm/hot but southerly storms can blow through (short lived) at any time.

What do I need to bring?   Various layers of clothing – thermal underwear (legs and tops) t-shirts, fleece/merino mid weight tops, a warm pair of gloves, warm hat and/or Buff, SEAM SEALED water proof jacket. Toiletries. Couple of changes of undies. Your own plate/cutlery/mug. Sleeping bag and mat. Tent- Tent’s will be required.  Personal first aid kit with emergency blanket…


Where are we going?

We will meet at Millers Flat, (location to be confirmed) from 3:00pm onwards. The cars will be left in
secure parking and you wiil be transferred to Bannockburn. Dinner will be at the Bannockburn Hotel that

You will be transported to the start of the trail on the Nevis Road near Duffers Saddle.
We will start with an easy tramp through to the Old Woman Hut where we will stop for lunch. This hut will
be familiar to those of you who were on Peter Dymock’s trail into Cromwell in 2012.
Photos and details of the hut can be found here. After lunch we will continue along the ridgeline of the Old Woman Range before branching off to drop down to Whites hut for our first night. Whites hut is an old boundary rider’s hut dating back to 1850. The roof and walls are sound but the bunks have collapsed. We will use the hut to prepare our meals, but will sleep in tents for the night.

We start today by regaining the ridgeline 310m above us, before continuing along the ridgeline for approximately 12km. Then, we again drop 240m down the eastern face of the range to our overnight stop at the Nicholsons hut. Goldminers working in an adjacent basin built this hut about 1900. It has also been used by Earnscleugh Station during their autumn muster.
A photo of the hut can be found here.
Approximate distance 19km.

In what will become a familiar pattern we have to regain the ridgeline today coming out at Hyde Rock, a prominent schist outcrop. Along the ridgeline we pass derelict huts, the remains of earlier pastoral and goldmining activities, before once again dropping down a ridge to Junction hut on the Little Pomahaka River just upstream from an old opencast goldmine. The old Junction hut is a stone miners/musterers hut sleeping 3, while the new Junction hut is the old Beaumont telephone exchange sleeping 7. A photo of the hut can be found at https://hutbagger.co.nz/huts/junction-hut
Approximate distance 20km.

Again we start the day with a climb back up onto the ridgeline, before heading south through Moa Hills Station. The route takes us to Mt Benger Scenic Reserve and Mt Benger Road. Accomodation for tonight is still being sorted at the time of writing these notes.
Approximate distance 22km..

We head onto Mt Benger Road and our steep descent to Ettrick.
Approximate distance 21km.

The final stage is into Millers Flat where we will meet up with the other trails for the Grand Parade and an afternoon and evening of country entertainment. Unfortunately the route will be entirely on SH8, but there is no way across the Clutha River to the Clutha Gold Cycle Trail.

Approximate distance 5km.

Questions? Specific to this trail? Ask the boss steveclark3177@gmail.com

Questions? In general about the Cavalcade or the registration process… contact the organiser terry@cavalcade.co.nz Or call the office 03 445 0111