The Cobb & Co Heavy Wagons

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Cobb & Co Heavy Wagon Trail

               Hawea 2019

7 Days – Riders welcome        

$310 for non catered Riders and Wagon Drivers. Passengers $560, Catered Passengers $930 and Catered riders/wagon drivers $680. (Catered = 3 good meals per day!)              $30 discount for OGHT members – contact office for discount code.

For those thinking of joining us for the first time, our trail as the heading indicates caters to the speed of the bigger wagons and heavier horses, as such we go at the pace best suited to these big rigs.                                                                                                                                    

If you like a slower pace (a bit of stop and starting) shorter days and a friendly atmosphere this could be the trail for you. Each individual or group brings their own food, cooking equipment, utensils etc. Sleeping arrangements consist of your floats/trucks or tents. Horses are individually penned so electric fencing and personal horse feed is required.                                                                                                           

Horses need to have reasonable fitness though don’t need to be as fit as the riding trails as we haven’t got the same big climbs or length of days as them. Riders must be competent and able to have full control of their mounts and horses must be electric fence proof.

This year we are again starting in the Lindis Valley this time leaving from Shirlmar Station north of the Tarras 4WD Camp, meeting on Saturday 23rd February.

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Due to the challenging terrain of the area we will only be averaging between 15-25kms per day, with camp shifts every morning until we reach the outskirts of Hawea, where weather permitting we will have a lay day on the Friday.

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During the course of the week we will be traveling over rolling farm land and over back country roads, the horses will be separating from the wagons at a couple of stages during the week and going into some higher country.

We will again be having two pot luck BBQ dinners, the first as an icebreaker on the 23rd and another towards the end of the week after which we have again organised an evening’s entertainment. The Tarras school/Play Centre parents will be catering an evening meal as well for us during the week.

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For a bit of added fun, we will be having a fancy dress evening probably on the Thursday night that we have organised our band for. We ask that everyone makes an effort to participate, there will be prizes given for best costume.

Any catering or horse queries can be directed to Kaye Walker on the phone number below. Passenger inquiries please contact Terry Davis OGHT Cavalcade co-ordinator.  A more detailed recommended list of gear and directions to camp will be sent out with your confirmation of registration early next year.                                                                                               We look forward to seeing everyone in February.

Trail Boss – Tony Cumberbeach           

          0212 200 201                                                                                                              

Wrangler – Kaye Walker                                                                                                                                                  

                                                                             0273 466 898