ALLFLEX Heavy Hoofs and Wagon Wheels!

Where do we need to be when? Meet up on Saturday 25th February 2023. Beaumont.

What’s the cost? $290


This trail is suited to those that like the more laid back approach to trekking.  This wagon trail was specifically set up to cater for the heavier and slower type of horse drawn wagon, though with saying that, we have in the last two years welcomed several enthusiastic Shetland Pony drivers to our trail and the pure grit of these little horses have really impressed everyone who has participated.

On average, we hope to travel 20km per day. You will be emailed more detailed travel directions closer to the start of the Cavalcade. 

This trail is the only horse trail on the Cavalcade that fully self-caters, meaning that each individual or group are responsible for their own meals for the week. Another thing particular to our trail is that our horses are individually penned at the end of the day so you need to supply your own electric fencing and feed requirements.  We also shift our own back up vehicles, which for this particular Cavalcade will only be twice.         

Unfortunately, at this stage all wagons are full and there are no seats available for any more passengers.  

Where are we going?

We will all meet on the Saturday at Beaumont Station where we will spend the next three days exploring the station (Sun-Tues).

Wednesday we will travel down to camp at the Beaumont Hotel where we hope to have our group party and fancy dress.

Thursday is our planned lay-day (Potential to do some local activities… anyone up for a jet boat ride?!!)

Friday we travel up the Millennium Trail to Millers Flat to our final camp of the week prior to the Grand Parade where we will have our combined meal, court session and give out the Meal and Hoe Down tickets.

Any catering or horse queries can be directed to Kaye Walker on the phone number below.  A more detailed recommended list of gear and directions to camp will be sent out with your confirmation of registration early next year.

We look forward to seeing everyone in February.

Trail Boss – Tony Cumberbeach   0212 200 201                         

Wrangler – Kaye Walker         0273 466 898

Questions about the Cavalcade in general and entry process, support… Ask the organiser Or call the office 03 445 0111