Cavalcade photos

If you’re on facebook check out all the amazing pics here

Click here for Stephen Jacquirie’s awe-inspiring scenic shots from many of the trails.

Click here for Stephanie’s brilliant portrait shots.

Click here for Jeremy Clulow’s fantastic photos of the Minaret Marauders walking trail.
If you have any more please send us the links and we’ll add them here. Or you can email us the small versions of your pic’s and we’ll add them to our gallaries.

See us on youtube here Thanks very much to Scott and Melissa at Sunshine Video Productions.

And click here for the TV1 news bit about us. Thanks very much to Ross Wilson (You’ll be able to buy his DVD including the news coverage soon).

4 thoughts on “Cavalcade photos

  1. Oops forgot .Iam coming from CH-CH so Omarama would the best starting point I suppose . ( See also other reply )

  2. Hi. I would like to learn more about the Cavalcade for next year. I would like the longest one, I will be coming from Canada, and will need a horse. We have an outfitting operation here ( and am really interested in riding in your country. Have friends/relatives there but have never been there.

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