‘Ohau we love to ride’- RIDING TRAIL with Bill Butler.

Sorry Folks, this trail is full already! No that didn’t take long, just about a record actually. BUT DON’T PANIC! There are 5 other horse trails to choose from and guaranteed you’ll have a fantastic time on which any one you choose. Click here to go back to the home page and view other trails.


Trail Boss: Bill Butler  Phone:  03 207 2787

email:  mandyandbill@xtra.co.nz Duration: 7 days

Meet: Saturday 25th February             Limit: 70

RIDER BUR $690    
BACKUP BUB $657    

Saturday 25th February 2017. Meeting from 3.pm on Saturday on Shores of Lake Ohau. Sign posted from Highway 8, The Twizel  Omarama road turning onto Lake Ohau road

Sunday:  Riding out between The Barrier  and Ohau ranges into the Ahuriri Valley. We cross the Ahuriri river to our home for two nights, the Ben Avon woolshed.

Monday: Travelling up the valley we head up the Dingleburn route to the top of the ridge where we can soak up the magnificent views of the Southern Alps and views of Mt Cook. Head back down the ridge to the valley floor then up stream to explore Birchwood. Once home for the night and horses bedded down we will load you up for a trip to the Omarama Hot Pools to soak away the aches of the day.

Tuesday: Upon leaving Ben Avon we travel out the well trodden path towards the Avon Burn under the shadow of Ben Avon (1713). Travelling out thru this country is always a privilege and a real treat weaving thru the river gorge to Dalrachneys Hut (tents required).

Wednesday: From Dalrachney heading out to the Lindis Pass over the road and up Dip Creek then along the Dunstan Range travelling down to Shirlmar Station our home for the night. Arriving with plenty of time to commune with the spirit world, get your Zombie on, put your fangs in to take bite out of our Halloween  themed costume party . Will be a real “Ghoul” time.

Thursday: Spirits willing, we ride out over the Chain Hills into the Dunstan Creek. Lovely easy ride snug under the watchful eye of the St Bathans Range. Arriving at Mt St Bathans for our penultimate night

Friday: Up we go to the top of the Dunstan Mountains. With breath-taking views of Central Otago. Then travelling along to our final destination Begg Creek Station . Where we will be entertained by the band X-Cell

Saturday: From Begg Creek Station short hop down road to Omakau and the fantastic host town frivolities!

This ride requires a good level of fitness from both horse and rider. Our days are a good mix of alpine terrain averaging around 7 to 9 hrs daily. Horses must be freshly shod.  Clothes suitable for alpine conditions and all weather types must be carried at all times. We will be camping out on several nights so tents are required. We will have vehicles for carting your gear from camp to camp.

Back ups are welcome but access to one of the camps is weather dependant and whether floats can be taken in is up to the discretion of our Camp Boss Rex Evans.

Alexandra Lions will keep you well fed and our portable bar will ensure you are well refreshed.

See you soon for another cracker of a ride

Cheers Bill.



18 thoughts on “‘Ohau we love to ride’- RIDING TRAIL with Bill Butler.”

  1. Hi Bill could u tell me the precedur for transfering my car amd float from the beginning g to the end. We have paid for this and I would like to no who will be moving it and where will it be left at the other end and how will I get my keys back and will it be secure. Thanks Fiona.

    1. Hi Fiona, an Omakau comunity group bring a bus load of drivers up to Ohau – they are all over 25yrs and responsible people… they drive the vehicles and floats back to Omakau and park them up in your paddock there. Keys are delivered back to you on Friday night.


  2. Hi, there are 8 of us coming down from Taranaki with our horses for 2017 Cavalcade. We are just sorting out travel plans and would like to stay around Lake Tekapo on Friday night 23rd February . Does anyone know of any contacts down there that could put us up for the night, we will have a truck and 2 vehicles and floats plus paddock for our horses. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks😀

  3. I have a spare birth in my float heading to this trail if anyone needs a horse taken up. Either leave a comment or phone me on 0274367425

    1. Hi I have a friend that’s needing a lift for her horse. Rebecca is her name I will pass on her number. And she will contact u. Thanks Fiona. Her horse is a great floater trucker. Walks on beautifully and travels well.

    2. Hi Curly….I’m needing to get my horse floated from Waitati (north of Dunedin) to Oahu/Bill’s trail. Where are you going from? Cheers Bec :*)

  4. wow this looks amazing !!! cant wait … Im registered on this ride – will be travelling from Whanganui with my Mate Lisa

  5. Good job I got signed up quick this year couldn,t believe it filled up so quick, looking forward to a bit of new country.
    I will have a spare birth in my float if anyone is looking for transport out of Dunedin
    Cheers Curly

  6. Well this looks amazing amd I’ve just registered.
    I am going with Heather Bell and AJ and Zaylie Brook. See u there. Looking forward to it. Thanks Fiona

  7. Looking forward to smoking peace pipe with Big Chief Sitting Bill – Standing up. Drink white man fire water and throw saddle over crazy horse!

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