‘Lindis Trail’ – WALKING With Matthew Sole

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Trail Boss:  Matthew  Sole         Ph: 03 447 3336    

Email: solem@xtra.co.nz Duration: 4 days

 Meet: Tuesday 28th February.  Limit: 30


106-0685_imgMeeting at Omakau Race Course (3.5km north of Omakau via Racecourse Road)  5pm onwards for 7pm briefing and supper on Tues 28th Feb. 2017.

This is a trail through some of the most stunning Central Otago High Country landscapes, involving good climbs and descents on high country 4wd tracks with numerous creek and river crossings. A good level of fitness will increase the enjoyment factor. Stout supportive footwear previously run in is recommended. As no covered accommodation is available for the days two and three, a good alpine (high wind sturdy) tent is essential along with ear plugs, recommended to ameliorate tent flap and or snoring. As a high country trail while timed for generally good weather adverse weather cannot be discounted and appropriate wet and cold weather clothing must be carried.

In between the odd blister we endeavour to have fun and support each other on our journeying. Our leaders try to impart some of their knowledge on areas we travel through. Camaraderie and a memorable experience are the aims.

Wednesday 1st March: Early morning start with mini bus trip to our start below the Lindis Pass where we follow the pylon road through Morven Hills Station via Dip Creek to Goodger Road and overnight at Shirlmar Station, hosts Bruce & Robyn Bennett, where we tent and can join in with Bill Butlers riding trail and a Halloween themed costume party bodies willing, expected time of 6-7hrs 20km. Climbs of 509m and descents of 845m. Notes/points of interest Lindis Pass; Old Man Peak; Dunstan Range and Polson’s Hut.

Thursday: Depart Shirlmar climb via Timburn Creek over Chain Hills descending down into Dunstan Creek which is followed into upper gorge where we tent overnight at Don Malcolm Hut, expected time of 6-7hrs 24km. 865m climbing and 682m of descending. Notes/points of interest upper Timburn Creek; Chain Hills, St Bathans Range and upper Dunstan Creek.

Friday: Continue traversing Dunstan Creek Gorge and out and around to St Bathans for refreshments while waiting for mini bus transfer to Omakau Race Course , expected time of 6-7 hrs 19km. 280m climb and 440m descent. Notes/points of interest Dunstan Creek Gorge , Dunstan Peak, Blue Lake & historic St Bathans .

Saturday morn: Small Mini Van ride to Ophir for a walk via Omakau to Race Course. Change into costumes for the parade  2-3hrs 10km.


Mary and her fantastic team supporting the Dunstan High Kayak Team will be catering for us and transporting our overnight gear and tents.  Thankyou Mary & Crew.

Accommodation is in the Race Course for the first and fourth nights or your own alpine tent which will be essential for the second and third nights where no undercover accommodation is available.


We will be using stock tracks and old 4wheel drive high country tracks with some short sections of gravel road and numerous creek and river crossings. As we are in Central Otago going is open with limited shade and shelter if windy. Climbs and descents are involved in all three and half days. A good level of fitness with ability to handle climbs and descents is essential with stout supportive footwear.

Please note this is a non-smoking trail.

I look forward to meeting you/catching up with you again. Matthew Sole.


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