Boundary Wanderers – Clover leaf RIDING TRAIL with Allan Johnson

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Trail Boss: Allan Johnson       Phone:          021 2980052        


Duration: 7 days  Meet: Saturday 25th February  Limit: 70



Hi all and welcome to the Clover Leaf  Trail . We gather at Burn Brae 445 Linnburn Road Upper Taieri on Saturday Afternoon 25th Feb  2017 . Horse and gear check as you arrive, briefing will be at 5pm. This year new crew and cooks. Start getting fit, the fitter you are the better you will enjoy the ride and frivolities.

We will have 4 nights here. Approx. 7 hour rides each day which will take you up to the Rock and Pillars and the Great Moss Swamp. Another day will see us at the old Serpentine Church and we will be able to look down to the water wheel and old workings and yes a view of Lake Onslow from Rocklands side. Our last day will be a short 4 to 5 hour ride before we move camp to Matakanui. (Wednesday night is entertainment night.) We will have 2 days at Matakanui, one which may include a soft drink at the Chatto Creek Tavern. It’s only a short ride to Omakau from here on Saturday morning.

See you there. Allan Johnston, Trail Boss. More info will be mailed out late January.


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