The Veterinary Centre Southern Explorer

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1.       The Veterinary Centre Southern Explorer


Fortrose – Owaka

Trail Boss: Mick O’Callaghan Phone:  03 489 4107 Email:                                                                                                 

Duration: 6 days                      Meet on: Sunday 25th  February              Limit: 70


$30 non member Levy

RIDER OCR $740 Vehicle Ferry   $50

Meeting point Sunday 12-6pm 295 Fortrose-Otara Road.

Monday 26th Heading to Curio Bay ride will take approx. 7 hours. Points of Interest along our journey will be Frasers Beach, Waipapa lighthouse, most southern tip Slope Point, Haldone Estuary also hopefully we will see sea lions.

Tuesday 27th Heading to Progress Valley ride will take approx. 6 hours. Today our points of interest will be Waikawa Harbour, White Head cliffs, Little Beach, Shades beach.

Wednesday 28th Heading to Tahakopa Valley ride will take approx. 6 hours. Follow progress valley out to Waikawa  River and through bush tracks to upper Waikawa Valley.

Thursday 1st Heading to Papatowai 6 hour ride Trek through old mill tracks and forest, following the Takakopa Valley.

Friday 2nd Heading to Hinahina a 6.5 hour ride, via Purakanui Bay and Penguin Bay

Saturday 3rd A 2 hour ride over Catlins lake to Owaka and the meetup point for the Grand Parade! Make sure you book a Dinner and Howdown ticket with your registration – Owaka are sure to put on a good night!

The ride will be comfortable for most riders. Reasonable fitness of horse and rider required.

Backups very welcome and all overnights have good road access. Thanks very much to all the landowners, Maniototo Area School caterers, wranglers, first aiders and Gofers.


5 thoughts on “The Veterinary Centre Southern Explorer”

    1. We do have folks bring horses down from Kerikeri each year… but yes it is a fair ways to transport them. Horses can be hired – best to post about it on facebook and get in contact with folk that way. Then we would recommend you come down a couple of days early so you can get to know your mount before the start of the trail. It’s a week of serious riding so it’s not like jumping on a slow old ‘tourist trek’ horse. Whoever you hire them from – they must be ‘Fit for purpose’.

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