‘THE HEAVY WAGONS’ (Riders welcome) With Tony Cumberbeach.

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Trail Boss: Tony Cumberbeach     Ph hm 03 453 4134

Email:  cumberbeach29@gmail.com cell 021 2200 201

Duration: 7 days          Meet: Saturday 25th February             Limit: 70



The heavy wagon group is traditionally a very relaxed trail with shorter days where possible and caters for those that aren’t too worried with a bit of stop / starting with the wagons.  We suggest if you don’t like the thought of travelling at a slower pace, assisting others where or when asked, one of the other trails may be better for you.

We also self-cater and individually pen our horses either on their own or in groups that know each other, so electric fencing gear is a must and also your particular horses requirements as far as supplementary feed goes. A more detailed list will be sent out closer to the time.

We will be having at least two communal meals during the week as ice breakers for those that are new to our trail and as a good chance for those that have travelled with us before to have a good catch up on what’s been happening since their last cavalcade.

The  trail for 2017 will be starting in the Lindis Valley travelling through some of the districts best known stations and taking you into some amazing country. The first three nights and two days will be spent at the same camp site at a great spot beside the Lindis River on Lindis Downs Stn.

Sunday: We travel through Lindis Downs Stn and Nine Mile Stn to the historical Lindis Hotel  which some of you will have been to several years ago with us. Returning via the same route.

Monday: Crossing the river we head up into Timburn Stn. Across part of Long Mile Stn, Merrivale Stn and into Shirlmar Stn then into Morven Hills where we have been given permission to visit Polson Cottage which has quite a tragic history. Again we will be returning via the same route, but don’t worry you won’t be bored with the scenery!

Tuesday: Our first shift for the week we will be heading down into the Ardgour Valley to Trevathans where we will be staying for the next two nights, again camping by the Lindis River. This day we again cross the river into Timburn Stn and Cluden Stn, coming out at The Point near Tarras, down the Ardgour Valley to camp. This last part will unfortunately be on tarseal, but there is plenty of verge for those horses that go barefoot.  We will be being held up at cap-gun point on this day somewhere along the way by the Tarras Primary School which only has a role of around 12 pupils. (Please make sure you have some coins in your pocket!

Wednesday: We will be tripping through Bendigo Stn. over some of the regions grape growing country and hopefully seeing some of Bendigo’s historical sites.

Thursday: Today sees us heading up and over  Thompsons Track to camp on the Omakau side .

Our  vehicles will be shifted for us this day at a cost of $40 per vehicle, DO NOT PAY THIS AMOUNT WITH YOUR REGISTRATION this is to be paid directly to your trail boss prior to the vehicle shift. Please have the correct amount in an envelope with your name, vehicle registration and type of vehicle written clearly on the outside.

Friday: A leisurely ride to visit a historical hotel site then a leisurely wander to the Omakau Racecourse where we will set up camp prior to the parade and catch up with friends that have been on other trails on the Saturday.

Saturday: Grand Parade and Host Town frivolities!



7 thoughts on “‘THE HEAVY WAGONS’ (Riders welcome) With Tony Cumberbeach.”

    1. Would you like the same info in hard copy plus a registration form to fill out? We don’t have anymore info at this stage. Though you can click on the ‘pre Cavalcade info’ above for further details. Feel free to email me with questions direct.

      Thanks very much for your interest!


      1. awesome, 2 of us coming now, will put rego in asap 🙂 cant wait! just wondering how we might bring meat and keep good for 7 days please?

  1. Hi, thanks for emailing me information on heavy wagon trail ride. There was no info on where we sleep each night and what I have to bring . I will be passenger on wagon so what would final cost be for the 7 days plus meal cost for hoedown. Want to register so I do not miss out but just need total cost please.

    Regards, Jen

    1. Hi Jen – The Heavy Wagoners tend to sleep in their wagons, floats, trucks or tents. Sometimes there is a woolshed near by but not always. The Host Town diner, Hoe-Dpwn and Breakfast are optional extra’s (but we do recommend them!). You will need to $225 to the OGHT to cover the cost of setting up and managing the trail. You will need to come to an agreement yourself with a wagoner about how much they will need to be paid depending on what you want them to supply for you.

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