‘Tea Pots to Blow Holes’  – WALKNG TRAIL

1.       ‘Tea Pots to Blow Holes’  – WALKNG TRAIL

Papatowai –  Owaka

Trail Boss: Sandra Cain   Phone:   03 488 1033       Email: walkingtrail@xtra.co.nz

Duration: 4 days                Meet: Tuesday 27th   February        Limit: 50


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 $30 non member levy


This year our trail will make its way through the beautiful Catlins.

We gather at our Woolshed on Tuesday afternoon.

Your four-day trail is going to lead you from Papatowai to Long Point, Pounawea and on into Owaka for the Grand Parade at noon on Saturday the 3rd.  We will have varied days walking the Old Coach Road, exploring  Purakaunui Bay, beach walking, visiting Jacks Bay Blow Holes and walking in the beautiful Catlins bush. From some of our higher advantage points we will be rewarded with magnificent 360 degree views of the surrounding area.

Our trail as always is about the countryside and our walkers, it will be a fun trip through an amazing landscape with a group of wonderful people.

A high standard of tramping fitness is required, as most days involve 6-7 hours tramping over varied terrain. Our backup team will transport your gear, but walkers will need to carry a daypack containing personal effects. Caterers will provide our meals and accommodation will be in woolsheds.

A safe parking area is available for those wishing to leave their cars at Owaka. A bus will leave Owaka on Tuesday afternoon and take you to our woolshed where our trail begins.

This is a non smoking trail.

So! Register, get yourself fit and come and join us, we look forward to your company.





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