The Millers Flat Meanderers.

Trail Boss: Mark Horrocks. 6 Days. Fully catered and supported. Mountain bike, E-bikes  welcome.  Ride out by 8:30am, typically in by 3:30pm.  Good solid days riding mostly over high country/farm 4WD tracks and some cycle trails this year.

Approximately $785 

When do I need to be where?  Millers Flat, bowling club (click here for map)  By 4pm Sunday 26th February 2023

How hard will the days be?  Between 30-50km per day, days 2 and 3 have some good climbs but a shorter distance.  The pace is up to you, you need to be capable of achieving the distances, but we really do have all day to get there. The faster you are, the longer you will need to wait for everyone to catch up!  This is more about a fun achievement than any sort of race! But you will have some amazing and in places quite challenging riding.

What can we expect en route?  AMAZING VIEWS, interesting Gold Mining history, wilderness tenting, FANTASTIC CUISINE, capable leaders, friendly support people and a great bunch of other like minded outdoor cycling enthusiasts. At this time of year expect really hot temperatures of 30 degrees plus, and freezing cold temperatures of possibly -5 degrees, perhaps even colder with the wind chill factor.  You can get all sorts of weather in the Otago mountains.  Typically warm/hot but southerly storms can blow through (short lived) at any time.

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith

(c) Tim Bardsley-Smith

What do I need to bring? A bike! (We can source rentals if required). If you are bringing your own bike, it must have a wheel size of 26inch or larger, and have had a recent service.  We do carry spares, and have the ability to carry out most trail side repairs, but bleeding hydraulic brakes or repairing cracked frames in a bit too much.   We have a beautiful constant sine wave generator to keep you precious E-bike charged and ready to go.  Also bring spare tubes/repair kit… Helmet, gloves – cycle gloves and a warm pair of gloves. Warm hat or Buff that can be worn under your helmet, various layers of clothing – thermal underwear (legs and tops) t-shirts, fleece/Merino mid weight tops, SEAM SEALED waterproof jacket. Toiletries. Couple of changes of undies. Your own plate/cutlery/mug. Sleeping bag and mat. Tent- Tent’s will be required on most nights and so that the back-up crew don’t need to carry too many tents we will be encouraging sharing! So if you are coming with a friend one between two or three will be fine. If you are stuck we can source an extra tent or two. One large pack per person and your sleeping matt/bag will be transferred for you each day. You will need to ride with a decent day-pack that can carry 1L of water, snacks, jacket, emergency blanket…

Oh and don’t forget your dress-ups for the parade! Items of ‘period’ costume to be brought and left in your car to be changed into before the grand parade at 12pm on the Saturday.


Where are we going?

Meet around 4PM on Sunday 26th February at Millers Flat Bowling Club (click here for map) Vehicle parking will be nearby.  Dinner and meet’n greet then sleeping at the bowling club.

Monday.  Heading down the beautiful Clutha Gold Trail beside the mighty Clutha River / Mata-au to near Lawrence for the first night.

Tuesday. Up and into the hills above Lawrence, through farmland to Beaumont Station for night two.

Wednesday. A BIG climb day, over 1100 vertical meters, finishing at the hidden gem of Lake Onslow.

Thursday.  Up to Pinelheugh and down through Pinelheugh Forest

Friday. Back down to the River, and dash to the world famous (in the deep south) Jimmy’s Pies in Roxburgh, and along the Clutha Gold trail back to Millers Flat bowling club.

Saturday.  For those still willing, a quick spin around Millers Flat, then into the Grand Parade.  Then the Host Town has an afternoon of carnival inspired events, markets, food stalls and games before the evening feast and festivities.

Questions specific to this trail? Ask The Boss –

Questions about the Cavalcade in general and entry process, support… Ask the organiser Or call the OGHT office 03 445 0111

Special 25th Jubilee Merchandise!

25years is something pretty special! Make sure you get a momento or two to take home after the event!

See images of items below. The Shirts this year are something a bit different but quite styly! Chambray  – like a very thin denim… nice light blue colour and don’t need to iron them too much! The shirts come in mens and womens styles.

You can either select the items as you go through the registration process or go back and edit your registration if you have registered already… or you can just email and he’ll add the stuff to your listing.


Ingraved Beer Glass (logo will look much nicer than this!)


Men’s and Women’s cut Chambray Shirts… 




Plastic cup


Oilskin Vest.


3L Cooler bag.


Agust Cavalcade 2013 up-date

Make sure you’re watching country Calendar this Saturday night,  good keen Cavalcader Richard Parsons is the star of the show and it includes his first days on the Cavalcade this year.

The band Tapanui have lined up for us is Jody Direen – this girl is on her way to the Big-Time so we’re very lucky to have her. Check her out here or watch a video of her .

The Tapanui host town crew are all on top of things, sounds like they have a great day planned for us. They even have their own website – looks good too, check it out here

If you missed last month’s newsletter you can find it here . No more details on trails yet but we have another Trail Boss meeting mid October so There’ll be more details then.

Only 9 trails next year so to ensure you get the best chance of securing your trail of choice make sure you’re a member of the Goldfields Heritage Trust

Hope your paddocks are starting to dry out!

All the best.

Terry Davis

Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust

P O Box 91

Cromwell 9342

03 445 0111

021 284 6844

2013 Cavalcade up-date

Hello good keen Cavalcaders,

A good meeting was held in Tapanui last weekend where the Trail Bosses met the host town and confirmed all is well under control for next year’s Goldfields Cavalcade.

The final day will be the 2nd March 2013, so if you’re on a 7 day riding trail you’ll be meeting up on the 23rd Feb. 5 Day riding trail will be meeting up on the 25th Feb. And the walking trails will be meeting up on the 26th Feb.

Registration forms will be available from the 1st November and as always those who are paid up members for the May 2012 – May 2013 will have priority over non members for their trail of choice. We are a couple of trails down on previous years so the nine going to West Otago may fill up!

The ‘Panning the Pomahaka’ West Otago committee are a great bunch of rural folk who have been beavering away for many months already to ensure another top notch host town celebration. They have more freedom (than Cromwell had) with their race track so the parade will be a lot closer to where the people are.

Introducing the Trail Bosses (and their potential trails) for 2013:

  • Jane Whitmore, 5 days, catered, Riding Trail Judge Creek, Gem Lake, Kawera?
  • Matthew Sole, 4 Days, catered, Walking Trail Lake Roxburgh Village via new Trail to Millers Flat, through the  gorge to Beaumont, over the Blue Mountains to Black Gully.
  • Bill Butler (Taking over from Alastair Gibson), 7 days, catered, Riding Trail Start near Oturehua via the Manorburn, Knobbies, Onslow, Beaumont, Blue Mountains
  • Stu Moore, 7 days, catered, Riding Trail –Rocklands, Waipori, Beaumont, Clutha punt,  Rankelburn, Blue Mountains,
  • Chris Bayne, 7 days, catered, Tussock Creek Light Wagons – starting from Kaka Point.
  • Sandra Cain, 4 days, catered, Walking Trail starting at Lawrence, walking the new trail up to Baumont, somehow onto and around the Blue mountains.
  • Tony Roderique, 7 days, catered, Clover-leaf riding trail First camp likely to be in the vicinity of West Otago, second camp will be at Earnslaw 1(near Tapanui).
  • Tony Cumberbeach, 7 days, self catering, Speight’s Heavy Wagons a gentle meander through West Otago…
  • Steve Clark, 5 days, self catering walking trail Mt Hope (above Roxbourgh), McKay Creek, Harry Brensell’s Hut, Crown Rock Hut, Hukarere Station, Down Pomahaka to Switzers Rd.

More info will be added to the website as details get confirmed.

So tell all your mates to start planning for it – if they don’t have a horse the walking trails are a great option and there are always a few spare seats on a heavy wagon so get them to get in touch with me and I’ll sort them out!

Hope you’re all fit and well, I look forward to hearing from you throughout the year and seeing you in West Otago.

2012 AGM and Fieldweekend.

Click here for the minutes. Here for the presidents report.

The OGHT had its AGM in their Cromwell office (the historic old Methodist Church) on Saturday the 23rd with 40 members in attendance. The meeting proceeded in orderly fashion with an overwhelmingly positive ‘vibe’ from the attendee’s. We have been busy in the last 12 months (see presidents report attached).Cromwell's Catholic Church

Morning tea and lunch was provided by the Cromwell Girl Guides club to much positive affirmations and then the group proceeded on their afternoon tour of some of the older buildings in the ‘older part of town’. 4 historic churches in one block, 2 old cottages in various states of repair Imageand the original court house were all visited each with their own unique speaker.Old Cromwell Court House

The group then headed down to Old Cromwell Town Precinct for the planting of a commemorative tree. ImageA Golden Totara was very kindly donated by Cromwell Garden Land and all were in agreement that the ‘Podocarpus Totara `Aurea` was an appropriate tree considering the Totara was the dominant tree of this area (up until about 400 years ago) and having a ‘golden’ tinge for the Gold150 celebratory year. Visible in the attached photo are from left to right:

A quick jaunt was then taken out near to the Kawarau Mining Centre where a new section of walking track has been completed beside the river and impressive herringbone tailings can been seen. Unfortunately heavy rain meant this side trip had to be cut short.

Dinner that night was at the Victoria Hotel (Old Cromwell Town again) with guest speaker Fraser Jonker the new CEO of Pioneer Generation. Tis an interesting relationship between Pioneer and the Goldfields Trust – some of the Pioneer assets are rooted back to gold mining infrastructure. The power generator is 100% owned by the Central Lakes Trust who are funding nearly all the ‘Gold150’ celebrations this year around our area as well as most of the other subsequent OGHT projects. Yet we (the OGHT) has still submitted against Pioneer in some of their plans… the Nevis for example. Anyway Fraser gave a great talk and was well received by the dinner goers. Dinner was very good also. Big thanks to the crew at the Vic for a wonderful evening.

Sunday morning’s tour ‘A new look at Old Bannockburn’ lead by local Gordon Stewart Gordon Stewart of the Clan 'Stewart'!was a highlight for many. After parking by the Bannockburn Bridge and scrambling around the lake side the group were treated to Oatcakes and Whiskey served by a kilt wearing Stewart who not only regaled about his families links to the hotel ruins about their feet Imagebut also the history of the Battle of Bannockburn and even further into the geology of the near surrounds. After a walk around the inlet and up the track, over the knob and back to the cars it was into the Bannockburn pub for an absolutely scrumptious spread of soup and savouries followed by coffee and cake. Thanks very much to Tim, Bronwyn and the team at the ‘Bannie’.

Riding Cavalcaders – What to bring…

Trail Specific info will be sent out in January but basically…



.  Waterproof coat/jacket, leggings & hat

.  Jersey, balaclava, socks, longjohns, gloves

.  Hot weather gear e.g shorts & T shirt

.  Gaiters are a good idea to keep rubbish & rain out of boots

.  Riding boots or boots with a heel suitable for walking

.  Towel & toilet articles

.  Sleeping bag & mat / stretcher

.  Sunscreen & insect repellent

.  Personal items and a roll of loo paper

.  Small first aid kit for you and your horse

.  Camera & torch

.  Your own mug, plates, cutlery & tea towel – unless stated otherwise

.  Don’t forget a wee treat for yourself and your horse

.  Water bottle

.  Personal medications

.  Money for the bar and Host Town

.  Baby wipes are handy when hand washing difficult


Please read carefully.  The ultimate safety of your trail depends on these requirements.

  1. Remember that your horse is your responsibility.
  2. Choose a suitable horse – AVOIDING a stallion, rig, pregnant mare, horses under 5yrs old or any unruly horses!!
  3. Ensure your horse is fit – long hours walking fit plus a lot of hill work.
  4. If you are travelling long distances to the start of your trail please allow at least 1 rest day for your horse to recover.
  5. All horse must be freshly shod and wormed.  Most find selenium beneficial and electrolytes are advisable, especially if weather hot. Also a salt replacement such as Hummidimix and salt blocks are worth considering.
  6. Have your horse Vet checked BEFORE starting your trail if you have any doubts at all.  Your Trail Boss has the right to exclude any unfit or unsuitable horse.
  7. Avoid dramatic diet changes – if your horse is used to hard feed please bring enough for the days on your trail. Your horse will benefit from a little daily boost of hard feed even if not used to it.
  8. Train with the gear you intend to use. Nothing New! All gear needs to be well broken in before the start of your trail.

You will need:

A thick or multiple saddle blankets to avoid sore backs.

Breast plate and cropper for hill work.

Horse cover – the nights are cold in the hills.

Basic grooming and first aid needs. A couple of spare shoes. As your personal gear will be carted for you, all you need to take each day will be wet weather gear, sunblock, camera and whatever personal stuff you may need.  Keep it light.

  1. Expect an individual gear and horse check at the start of your trail.  The Trail Boss and the Wranglers will be quietly observing for signs of possible stress of all animals throughout the trail.  Please ensure all blankets and covers are secure on your horse at night.  Night stampedes have been caused by slipping covers and torn straps.
  2. Get yourself fit along with your horse and practise walking down steep hills.  If the Trail Boss directs riders to get off and walk, all must do so without exception.
  3. Please respect Landowners property and woolsheds.  The cavalcades would simply not be possible without their permission.
  4. Please give way to a harness horse if you are a rider – they have to allow for wheels as well as hooves.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.  Your Trail Boss and Wranglers are not babysitters but are there to guide and ensure safety.
  6. Your horse must be either trained by you of by the person you may be borrowing it from.  Collecting a horse from the paddock the day before is not on! These horses are easily identified and have a good chance of being stood down.
  7. Your horse comes first at the end of the day. No-one leaves their horse until it is unloaded, any cares attended to and it is watered, fed and covered.

Walking Cavalcaders – What to bring…

Specific trails may have specific gear lists – these will be sent out in January. Below is a good guidline.



Pack   Period Costume  
Sleeping Bag   Personal toiletries  
Sleeping mat/Airbed   Wipes  
Parka   Blister Pads  
Overtrousers   First Aid Kit  
Sturdy footwear   Sunscreen  
Hat   Insect repellent  
Gloves   Teatowel  
Bushshirt, jersey, jacket   Cutlery, plate, bowl, mug  
Trousers, tops   Torch  
Underwear, thermal wear   Camera (optional)  
Shorts, socks   Sunglasses  
Change of footwear/clothes   Scroggin etc  
Togs   Water Bottle – at least 1.5L  

It is essential that everyone carry Blisterpads. I can hear you say but I never get blisters but the Cavalcade seems to have an uncanny way of making blisters a first time experience for a lot of people. Band-Aid Blister Packs can be purchased at most Supermarkets.

Daypack large enough to carry wet weather gear, thermals, lunch and personal effects.

North Island Trail Ride end of March 2012

Greetings to All

Below is a trek being put together by the Waituna West committee of friends & Cavalcade participants.

I mentioned this ride to one or two last year and got the  general feeling, if we were  to shorten the ride up so that it could be done, that is travelling north, ferry crossing and return in just on  a week or a little longer it could be favourably considered.  If someone wants to enjoy our hospitaliity for longer, between us, I’m sure we will be able to find other places to go for smaller or expanded rides.  We understand the cost of travelling across the “ditch”, your riding time needs to be “make the most of it” , so a 5 day ride is being offered. Or we can expand into another area.  All you have to do is ask, (but give me plenty of warning).

Please pass this message onto as many as you like, we need you, who have the South Island contacts, to be prepared to do that for everyone to have a good time.

Below in red, is what Marj is offering.  You are welcome to contact her direct or if you have a special question re: ferry crossing, please come to me direct, either on my work email (best) or here on my home one. 063273605 (hm) 06 3490508 (wk) Mon – Fri

Look forward to hearing from you.

kind regards Carol

work; or hm;





We are planning to hold the above trail ride between Monday 26th March – Friday 30th March, 2012,.   We are inviting the South Island riders first before we include any North Island riders.   Limited numbers.


The programme which we are working on at the moment is:-


Sunday 25th March          Arrive at the Waituna West Hall, north of Feilding. Light meal provided.


Monday 26th March         Riding from Waituna West to Rangiwahia (further north)


Tuesday 27th March        Riding from Rangiwahia to Mangaweka


Wednesday 28th March    Riding in the Mangaweka area


Thursday 29th March       Leaving Mangaweka and riding north to Mokai in the foot hills of The Ruahine Ranges.


Friday 30th March           Riding in the Mokai area – Packing Up – Evening Party


Saturday 31st March        Depart for Home


#                           Waituna West is approximately 2 ½ hours driving from Wellington and Mokai which is in the Taihape region would be approximately  3 ½ hour drive back to Wellington.


#                           All meals will be supplied – a bar will be available for purchasing your evening supplies.   Entertainment available.


#                           Cost will be $550 per rider     –     $ 400  per driver

Expressions of interest ASAP with deposit of $100 by the

1st February, 2012. would be appreciated.

Payable to the Waituna West Hall,

C/- Marj Shannon, Benson Road, R.D. 9

Feilding, along with your full details.   Phone 06 3286 894 evenings or 06 323 9393 during day.


#                           We would appreciate if you could pass this on to other riders within your areas, and let us know ASAP if you would be interested in taking part.


#                           To bring your horses and all their supplies and for yourself all bedding etc, and maybe a tent for sleeping etc.   In Waituna West, Rangiwahia and Mokai the halls in the area or shearers quarters will be available.   We are still working on availability of sleeping arrangements in the Mangaweka area.

If you do need your vehicle for accommodation, you will need to bring a camp mother.


#                           We will be able to transport all your requirements to each over night stay.


#                           We are able to offer you a discounted fare with either Bluebridge or the Inter Island ferries similar to what is available for the North Islanders when they travel South.

To get this offer all bookings must be done through Carol Rickards one of our members who travels south most years.

Contact or

phone 06 3490508.


#                           More details after the New Year.


Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind Regards,  Marj Shannon.




NAME:……………………………………..   PHONE:………………………






DEPOSIT:…………..… RIDER:……………….  DRIVER:……………….




Trails for 2012

For full details click on the trail below.

To download a registration form click here.

To download a registration booklet click here. (The information in the booklet is the same as when you click on these trails below.)

Chris Bayne(Trail is now full) Tussock Creek light wagons – maximum of 70. Starting in the vicinity of Mossburn – Garston – Nevis – Bannockburn

Tony Cumberbeach – Speight’s heavy wagons – maximum of 55. Starting from Cattle Flat – Nokomai – Nevis – Bannockburn

Stu Moore – Riding – maximum of 80. Starting from Roxburgh – Nevis – Bannockburn

Alastair Gibson (Trail is now full)– Riding – maximum of 70 Starting from Omarama – Lindis – Queensberry – Mt. Pisa

Jane Whitmore – Riding –  maximum of 70. (taking over from Steve Vickers who took over from Winston Parks) Arrowtown – Macetown day trip – Waitiri Station – Lowburn

Gandy Burrows and April Hill  (instead of Alice Stewart next year) Speight’s Pack Horse Traverse maximum of 30. Starting from Lindis – St. Bathans – Matakanui – Clyde – Bannockburn

Tony Roderique – Riding – maximum of 70. 3 days at Matakanui followed by 3 days in Bannockburn

Murray MacMillan and Edgar Parcel (Trail is now full)(Out of retirement again) Riding – maximum of 25. Greenstone, Mt. Nicolas, Cecil Peak, barge to Staircase Creek, Lochlinnie, Nevis, Bannockburn

Sandra Cain(Trail is now full) Walking – maximum of 50. Starting near Roxburgh – Knobby range – Alex – Earnscleugh – Bannockburn

Matthew Sole – Walking – maximum of 40. Starting at Oturehua – Blackstone Hill – Becks – Thompsons Gorge – Bendigo

Peter Dymock(Trail is now full)Walking – maximum of 12. Starting near Garston – Blue lakes – Garvies – Patterson Hutt – Bannockburn

Morley Williams – Walking – maximum of 30. Based at the Bannockburn School Camp – 3 individual day-walks: Northburn Station, Cairnmure Station and Pipe Clay Gulley.

Special new trail for the keen of spirit but less athletically able – sharing accommodation at the Bannockburn school camp and caterers with Morley Williams’ day walkers. Bruce McMillan will be leading 4WD excursions around Bannockburn, Nevis and Bendigo to check out the outstanding gold mining heritage areas close to Cromwell.

The shirts for Cromwell 2012 - going back to basic's $35

AGM and Cavalcade 2012 update

Hi everyone,

We had a good trail Boss meeting recently and the initial trail information is attached at the bottom of this email.

First up we had a good AGM in Lawrence three weeks ago followed by a very informative field weekend. For minutes from the meeting please click here. For a report from the weekend (and some photos) please click here.

Many of you have paid your membership sub already and we thank you very much for that. If you haven’t yet please either click here to do it on-line or post us a cheque for $50 single or $70 couple to OGHT, PO Box 91 Cromwell, 9342.

We expect to have full trails coming into Cromwell for the 150th celebrations of gold in the area. The Cromwell Host Town have re-assembled the same band and fiddler as last time – if you weren’t here in 1998 ask someone who was – they’ll tell you it was one of the best Hoe-downs of all time! Click here for a YouTube clip of the band and a couple of cavalcade shots include in there too! Also this year we will be quite strict on maximum numbers per trail – the Trail Bosses are too bloody accommodating so this year I’ll be making the decision and the answer will be no more room!  So check out the trails below and if you absolutely ‘have to’ be on one in particular best you make sure you’re a paid-up member. (Financial members of the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust get priority over non members for entries received before December – entries are available from 1st November).

***Please note!*** These trail descriptions are just proposed at this stage – not confirmed. This is just to give you an idea.

Special new trail for the keen of spirit but less athletically able – sharing accommodation at the Bannockburn school camp and caterers with Morley Williams’ day walkers. Bruce McMillan will be leading 4WD excursions around Bannockburn, Nevis and Bendigo to check out the outstanding gold mining heritage areas close to Cromwell. (David and Jean this should be right up your ally!)

Chris Bayne – Tussock Creek light wagons – maximum of 70. Starting in the vicinity of Mossburn – Garston – Nevis – Bannockburn

Tony Cumberbeach – Speight’s heavy wagons – maximum of 55. Starting from Cattle Flat – Nokomai – Nevis – Bannockburn

Stu Moore – maximum of 75. Starting from Roxburgh – Nevis – Bannockburn

Alistair Gibson – maximum of 65? Starting from Omarama – Queensberry – Mt. Pisa

Jane Whitmore (taking over from Steve Vickers who took over from Winston Parks) Arrowtown – Macetown day trip – Waitiri Station – Lowburn

Gandy Burrows (instead of Alice Stewart next year) maximum of 25. Starting from Lindis – St. Bathans – Matakanui – Clyde – Bannockburn

Tony Roderique – maximum of 60. 3 days at Matakanui followed by 3 days in Bannockburn

Murray MacMillan and Edgar Parcel (Out of retirement again) maximum of 30. Greenstone, Mt. Nicolas, Cecil Peak, Kingston, Nokomai, Nevis, Bannockburn

Sandra Cain – maximum of 50. Starting near Roxburgh – Knobby range – Alex – Earnscleugh – Bannockburn

Peter Dymock – maximum of 12. Starting near Garston – Blue lakes – Garvies – Patterson Hutt – Bannockburn

Morley Williams – maximum of 20. Based at the Bannockburn School Camp – 3 individual day-walks

Thanks very much for your support over the years and I hope to see many of you in Cromwell next Feb!

Terry Davis

Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust

P O Box 91

Cromwell 9342

03 445 0111

021 284 6844