Gold Dust & Saddle Bags

For the past 20 years the Otago Goldfields Cavalcade has attracted up to 500 people from throughout New Zealand and the world seeking
their own journey, one of companionship, beating the weather Gods, but mostly a journey through unspoilt back country of unparalleled beauty.  Between them, writer Sally Rae, and photographer Stephen Jaquiery have clocked up half of these cavalcades.

Multi award winning newspaper photographer, Stephen beautifully freezes the very essence of the Otago backcountry’s magnificence
and its annual procession of horses.Sally tells the stories like an old master. Hard cases, some famous; most not, men and women from
all walks of life, stories about heartland Kiwi’s with a common bond. Often laugh out loud funny, this book tells of love found
on the trail, life threatening moments, catering secrets and much more.

A superb picture book with compelling stories, it takes the reader on their own journey
full of beauty and adventure but without the chafing and sunburn.
Suitable for anyone who loves their county, a good yarn or dares to dream

Order a copy – email with your address and we’ll get a copy posted out to you. Or if you’re registering for the Goldfields Cavalcade you can ‘tick a box’ in the registration form.

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