The Goldfields Cavalcade want’s to thank the following sponsors very much for their generous support!

If you are in the market for any goods or services these guys supply please see these guys first- supporting them is helping ensure the continued viability of the Cavalcade. Thanks very much.

Finest quality original moleskin since 1979...

Pride of the south

Pride of the south

For smelly feet and footwear...

For smelly feet and footwear…

 Jack Links

 you'll come out better off...

you’ll come out better off…

2 thoughts on “Supporters

  1. Hi, I was wondering if there are any marketing opportunities associated with the Cavalcade? I run horse treks in Mongolia (we are based in Christchurch), and the Cavalcade participants are likely to be the people who would love our trips. I would be on it myself, if not for being injured out.

    • Hi John – yeh sure is. Contact Martin McPherson re a stall at the markets day i presume you have some nice big posters you could make a display – maybe some videos on a laptop… that would be a good opportunity to get people talking about your trips… we can also include flyers in trail bags that all riders get and i can include a blurb and link in our emails to the databases. Call me on 034450111 to discuss.

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