Goldfields Cavalcade to Patearoa 22nd – 29th Feb 2020

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Click here for Patearoa Parade Ground Map.

Click here and check out all the trails heading into

Patearoa. (This is pretty close, certainly a good representation of where you’re going – can change slightly right up until the morning you ride out!)


There are 12 trails this year – 5 horse-riding, 2 Wagon, 3 foot and 2 cycling trails. All trails start from different places and end in a Grand Parade, markets and entertainment at Patearoa on the 29th February.

Entries open for members October 1. Non members from November 1. Book your time off work and clear all other commitments now!

For galleries of photos from the previous Cavalcades click here. To get an insight into one of the walking trails see the youtube clip here (Click)

If you cant make it onto a trail you should still get to Patearoa for the grand parade and days entertainments – always great fun and well worth while!

What use is the Cavalcade you may ask? Well quite apart from the ENORMOUS social, cultural, and spiritual benefits it brings to the participants… the Cavalcade injects significant funding annually into small rural communities and in particular small rural clubs and groups! See the 2019 economic impact report of the Cavalcade into Hawea here.     



23 thoughts on “Goldfields Cavalcade to Patearoa 22nd – 29th Feb 2020

  1. Hi there, I need some info about the different trails, I was told information and registrations would be out via email on the 1st of Nov, so when can we expect to find out and start getting ourselves organised, I have a friend coming over fromAustralia so we need to start making plans ASAP…many thanks Jan Waddell

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  2. Is the light wagon trail a ride that you take your own horses? sorry if dumb question or is it soley a “wagon ride” How do I find out which trail is good for a first timer?

  3. Hi there
    Once I have picked a trail who do to get in touch with to join that trail, I have a friend coming from Aussie to do the Cavalcade with me, I’m on the mailing list but need to know how it works once we have picked a trail to go on, we are so looking forward to it…many thanks Jan Waddell

  4. Hi – just wondered if you could put me on the email list or however you communicate – as I would like to join the cavalcade – it will be my first time so I am not sure how to join etc. many thanks Gill

  5. Hello to Keith Spence- as one of the original organisers I am keen to complete a cavalcade before shifting out of the area. Thought David Macs would be a good one. My sister is also keen to come along too. Terry can we have some more info on David’s trail and Jane Whitmores please.

  6. Hi there, I am interested in being added to the email list, always wanted to do a Cavalcade, coming from ChCh – possibly by myself – would love some more info 🙂

  7. I am writing about cavalcade for North & South magazine. Please email me at if you have an interesting or funny story to recount or are interested in being quoted in the article. Particularly interested in hearing from anyone who’s done all or nearly all the cavalcades. Or anyone who has had a life-changing event via cavalcade (marriage for example).

  8. Hi, Guys,
    A old wrangler from the frist four cavalcave would like to go the mailing list.
    Thanks Keith Spence

  9. Hi Terry, I thought I was on the mailing list but haven’t received anything yet. Can you detail how long the various trails will be please, and their level of ease or difficulty; plus where they start from. Thanks.

  10. Hi there, im keen to join the cavlecade for 2014 but not sure which trail to take yet. Can you keep me on the emailing list thanks. Id like to start making instalments soon. Cheers Maree.

  11. I have a pair of reasonably well behaved legs. Will they be considered for the Cavalcade in Ranfurly? Unfortunately for you guys, they tend to bring me with them …;-) Greetings from a sunny and hot Wales (1st time in 3 years)

  12. Hi there, I’m keen on the walking trail, first time for me and horse, Starting to get horse fit now. How fit does the horse have to be. Also, are all the horses turned out together at night? Thanks Julie

  13. I’m interested in the Clover Leaf trail and would like some details of what is required 🙂

  14. any idea what the riding trails leaving points are yet? Id like to start installments but also want to know which ride to do based on country I havent covered before, is there any leaving from around Outram side or Naseby kydeburn area? Id rather start paying off a trail in an area Id like to ride thru.

  15. Could I please join your 4 day walking trail as I have just heard of it from Paul Duncan and it seems great

  16. I am very keen to join the 2014 walking trail if you can send me notification please. Have walked most tracks in nz but heard of the calvacade walk recently from a friend Paul Duncan and I am sure I would love to do it

  17. I have your book Gold Dust and Saddle Bags. We would live to do the same trip. Can you please let me know where I could get some more information .

    Regards. Janine

  18. Hi there, I am looking for a ride from Tapanui to Dunedin on the Saturday afternoon. Can anyone help me? Michelle

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