For More Information about the Cavalcade:

Terry Davis – (Coordinator)

Physical address: The Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust
Cnr of Erris and Donegal Streets, Cromwell, Central Otago

PO Box 91 Cromwell 9342

Phone: (03) 445-0111

Email, please click here.

Old wagon

57 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Lyn Ayre Says:

    Would like to email you for details on the next cavalcade but your email link not working for me. please send details to

    1. Weird??? Where did that email come from!! it should be

  2. tamsinsmum Says:

    Hi there,
    I live in Sydney but am really hoping I can some day soon join a Cavalcade 7-8 day ride. I have ridden horses most of my life so hopefully I am up to the challenge. Is it actually possible to hire a horse and gear? Do I need to book now for 2014? What ride would you recommend? I hope someone can help me out. Warm regards, Kristin

    1. Hi Kristin – yes to rent a horse and gear click here for some options.

      Registrations officially open on the 1st November so no panic to register. More details will be confirmed in the coming months as the Trail Bosses get the trails sorted.

      First time Cavalcaders we usually steer towards the 5 day trail of Jane Whitmore or the 7 day clover leaf trail of Tony Roderique (on his trail you can take a day off mid week and not get left behind!)

      We would expect you to do plenty of riding in the build-up so that you are fit for the trip – these are not ‘pony rides’. You will have to get off and lead your horse on some sections too…

      You wont regret it though – everyone who comes and does it just love it.

      Hope to see you next February! Terry.

  3. Bele Says:

    Hi does anyone know how to get hold of the TV one news that was apparently sent on the 2. March 13 about the cavalcade?
    cheers Bele

  4. Michelle Says:

    Can you plz Pass onto the trail Bosses That i have a sb gelding 14.2 Thats fit N sound That id hire . he is quiet has trekked and Is an easy willing ride . but will only hire to an experienced rider who knows how to keep him safe on his journey an who will Have the knowledge to look after him prperly on the ride:) Can supply all his own gear stock saddle etc. If anyone is interested . Kind Regards Michelle

  5. Caro Rennebeck / Glenorchy Says:

    Hi there, I did hear from a friend that you already posted a list with the trails for 2013. I hope I made it on your mailing list by now (requested a couple of times) and would love to receive this list as well, thank you so much

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

      Hi Caro, we had you email with a ‘-‘ instead of a ‘.’, all fixed now so you should start getting some emails from us from now on. Sorry about that.

  6. Alice Jarvis Says:

    Hi my name Alice and im interested in joining the 2013 cavalcade and needs some more information about like the cost, could you please add me to your email list thanks

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

      Email sent. Also, you can click here for the latest newsletter (same as the email i just sent you).

      1. Alice Jarvis Says:

        Hi i’ve got my email changing so could you please change who you send the emails to, could you please also let me know the cost fo the riding trails. thanks

      2. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

        Hi Alice – have added your new email to our database. Cost is about $500-$700 for the Riding trails. The Heavy wagon trail, (which many people ride on also) is closer to $200 but it is self catering/sufficient.

  7. amieetohill Says:

    hi there im intreasted in the 2013 calvacade….. could you please email me details… or poat to 14 irvine street mosgiel……thanks very much looking forward to hearing from you

  8. Bele Says:

    Hi, I would like to participate in 2013. Would you please put me on your email list?
    How would I know if my horse and I are “fit” enough?
    cheers Bele

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

      Hi Bele, tried to email you just now but your email bounced back – can you please confirm your email address.

  9. natasha kozik Says:

    i used to work with bill mc millian years ago in arrowtown is he still round ?

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

      Yes and living near Ranfurly I believe

  10. Jan ferguson Says:

    my mother and I are traveling around the south island in february 2012 and would love to participate in one of your wagon trails. Can you please send info a to what is available, dates, costs and duration please.
    I will be joining you in a few years time on my own horse when the great new zealand trek goes across to the south island.
    Thanks, jan

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says: hi Jan this trail still has limited space available. Are you hoping to get a seat on a wagon? Or were you planning on riding along with the trail?

  11. Maegan Says:

    Hi there, looking to get sign up information. Cannot find an e-mail. My information is or Maegan at 0274797907. Cheers

  12. justin smith Says:

    would like to know price for heavy wagoon trail 2012 cavalcade cheers

  13. Christine Says:

    Can you send me details of the 2011 ride. Dates, routes, price if known. Thanks

  14. Patricia Naidu Says:

    I have just learnt about the cavelcade and would love to walk it.
    There would be 2 of us (females who love nature and our grand parents way of life)

  15. Kim Moore Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I was wondering if you could send me through the details of the next cavalcade? which I’m assumming is in March 2011. ie cost, how many days goes for, start & finish point & an idea of total kms – just so we know how fit our horse/humans need to be.


    ps a very excited rider preparing for a sore BUTT!!

  16. Sandra Sanson Says:

    Hi would love some information on walking in 2011 .Just saw a programme on TV looks great.Look forward to your response Regards Sandra

  17. Elaine Rawson Says:

    Hi Terry, Last year you put me in touch with someone regarding horse hire for the Cavalcade into Wanaka and everything worked out great! Thanks. I would love to ride again this year if you have heard of anyone with a sensible horse available, Thanks heaps, Elaine

    1. Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust Says:

      Sure, check out the top section of the ‘classifieds’ page

  18. Leigh Vincent Says:

    Hi there
    I am really interested in doing the 2011 cavalcade. Can you please put me on your mailing list and keep me informed with costs, registration form etc.

  19. Huntington Says:

    Hi could you keep me up dated with emails regarding this years cavalcade. Thanks

  20. Hayley Gillingham Says:

    would you be able to send me more info on the cavalcade

  21. Lucy Says:

    Hi, I am in New Zealand for 5 months and would absolutely love to take part in something like this, is there anything at all like this before the end of December i could look into doing???


    If anyone knows where i could go mustering or reccommend somewhere to go trecking. I am an experianced rider who does a lot of long distance trecking in the Uk and would love to explore the open country here ALOT more!!! Any help would be hugely appreciated.


    1. Jo Priebee Says:

      Hi Lucy,
      Feel free to give me a call on 021 942234 if you want to do some trekking and maybe mustering. Thanks, Jo

  22. Kirstin Says:

    Hi – plse could you add me to your database for 2011 – Cheers

  23. Mandy Barnes Says:

    Please add me to list for information on the 2011 cavalcade in Oamaru

  24. angela liggett Says:

    hi i am keen to do the 2011 cavalcade and am wanting to get information regarding the various stages and costs etc

    1. goldfieldsinc Says:

      Hi Angela,

      The routes to Oamaru are still in the planning stages. I will add your email to our database and keep you up-to-date as things progress.

      Costs won’t be finalised untill the full trail discription is sorted out including how many days trekking and accommodation options enroute… the likely cost will be in the ball-park of $70 – $90 per day. (Most riding trails are 6-7 days and walking trails are 3-4 days).

  25. Bronwyn Connell Says:

    i would like to get information re the 2011 cavalcade as would like to participate in it My friend and I would like to ride it as we have our own horses how do we go about being included in this calvalcade

  26. sandra geddes Says:

    I got a photo from arcphotos at cavalcade and was charged $7 for postage the photo came today with a 50cent stamp on it Im pissed off at these robbers to say the least, what do you all think?

  27. Shirley Christmas Says:

    and could please have reg forms for 2011 thanks

  28. Nicci Wilson Says:

    Congratulations on another successful cavalcade!
    Roberta – I hope that you enjoy your well earned rest. Good luck to you Terry for the future years ahead.
    Are you able to tell me the dates for the 2011 cavalcade going to Oamaru?

  29. Kat Davita Says:


    Just saw an item on TV about the finish of this year’s Cavalcade in Wanaka. Would love to be a part of a future event. Could you please add me to the mailing list.
    Thanks and awesome event.

    1. goldfieldsinc Says:

      No worries Kat. You’re on our list.

  30. John Story Says:

    Saw reference to same on TV this morning. Will establish a few ‘positions’ on our website to get ‘you people’ exposed a bit more….for New Zealand tourism at large…with great images. I was aware, but now more aware. Look through our “Images of the Region” category in a few days time. Anyone is free to email images, but try to keep below 200KB, preferrably right down to around 50KB.
    All the best for 2010 !

    John Story.

  31. Frank Davidson Says:

    Please coiuld you include me on your mailing list, and the cost and availability of parking site for NZMCA member number 22097, regards Frank(jok), great presentation, bsags of information. Thanks.

  32. sandra geddes Says:

    can u send reg please

  33. sandra geddes Says:

    can u send registration forms please

  34. hoseason don Says:

    Could you please advise me as to the cost to do the cavalcade as a horse rider. Don

    1. goldfieldsinc Says:

      Hi Don, the price for a rider is in the ball-park of $650 for the week. Exact prices will be out when the entries go live at the end of this week- we are still finalising.

  35. Rose Says:

    Hi, Can you please send us the entry forms for the Cavalcade 2010

    Cheers, Rose

  36. Katie Says:


    Im keen to join the 2010 Cavalcade. Could you please give me some information about what trails are available, and prices?


    Walter Peak Station

  37. katie Says:

    hi i was wanting to know price and dates for calacade 2010 or is there any earlier?? please mail me back thanz

  38. tom knight Says:

    can you please send me and email with the forms for the 2010 ride please.

  39. Ali Says:

    Hi, I was wanting to know, is it absolutely definite that the Cavalcade will be finishing on the 27th Feb. in Lake Wanaka?

    1. goldfieldsinc Says:

      Yes, the date is now confirmed as the 27th Feb 2010 for the grand parade and Hoe-down in Wanaka.

  40. Emma Hynes Says:

    Hi there
    Just inquring about the costs for the cavelcade 2010.

    If you could email back that would be fantastic

    1. Joy Winmill Says:

      Want to get a place in Cavalcade.

      Am a walker- last year did the walk with Sam. (The chap who is older)
      Joy Winmill.

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