2013 Cavalcade up-date

Hello good keen Cavalcaders,

A good meeting was held in Tapanui last weekend where the Trail Bosses met the host town and confirmed all is well under control for next year’s Goldfields Cavalcade.

The final day will be the 2nd March 2013, so if you’re on a 7 day riding trail you’ll be meeting up on the 23rd Feb. 5 Day riding trail will be meeting up on the 25th Feb. And the walking trails will be meeting up on the 26th Feb.

Registration forms will be available from the 1st November and as always those who are paid up members for the May 2012 – May 2013 will have priority over non members for their trail of choice. We are a couple of trails down on previous years so the nine going to West Otago may fill up!

The ‘Panning the Pomahaka’ West Otago committee are a great bunch of rural folk who have been beavering away for many months already to ensure another top notch host town celebration. They have more freedom (than Cromwell had) with their race track so the parade will be a lot closer to where the people are.

Introducing the Trail Bosses (and their potential trails) for 2013:

  • Jane Whitmore, 5 days, catered, Riding Trail Judge Creek, Gem Lake, Kawera?
  • Matthew Sole, 4 Days, catered, Walking Trail Lake Roxburgh Village via new Trail to Millers Flat, through the  gorge to Beaumont, over the Blue Mountains to Black Gully.
  • Bill Butler (Taking over from Alastair Gibson), 7 days, catered, Riding Trail Start near Oturehua via the Manorburn, Knobbies, Onslow, Beaumont, Blue Mountains
  • Stu Moore, 7 days, catered, Riding Trail –Rocklands, Waipori, Beaumont, Clutha punt,  Rankelburn, Blue Mountains,
  • Chris Bayne, 7 days, catered, Tussock Creek Light Wagons – starting from Kaka Point.
  • Sandra Cain, 4 days, catered, Walking Trail starting at Lawrence, walking the new trail up to Baumont, somehow onto and around the Blue mountains.
  • Tony Roderique, 7 days, catered, Clover-leaf riding trail First camp likely to be in the vicinity of West Otago, second camp will be at Earnslaw 1(near Tapanui).
  • Tony Cumberbeach, 7 days, self catering, Speight’s Heavy Wagons a gentle meander through West Otago…
  • Steve Clark, 5 days, self catering walking trail Mt Hope (above Roxbourgh), McKay Creek, Harry Brensell’s Hut, Crown Rock Hut, Hukarere Station, Down Pomahaka to Switzers Rd.

More info will be added to the website as details get confirmed.

So tell all your mates to start planning for it – if they don’t have a horse the walking trails are a great option and there are always a few spare seats on a heavy wagon so get them to get in touch with me and I’ll sort them out!

Hope you’re all fit and well, I look forward to hearing from you throughout the year and seeing you in West Otago.

8 thoughts on “2013 Cavalcade up-date

  1. Hi there
    I would love to do one of your walking trails 2014 but need more information on them grading etc. I have friends on horses doin it and they love it.
    Regards Janet Baddeley

  2. Greetings, I have downloaded the registration form for the 2013 ride but I would like some advice as to which trails are likely to be the easiest on the horses as our two are young and green?

  3. HI there, my friend and I are very keen to take part in a riding trail. Both of us are Auckland based and we will need horses, so looking to hire a couple of sensible trekking horses if anybody can help out. Can you please add me to the email updates. I would like to learn as much as possible about the potential trails as it will be our first time, but we are enthusiatic!!


  4. Hi there, I am very keen on the 7 day ride 2013, please add me to your general email list so I can receive details…also, can I pay off my fee…if I start now it shouldn’t hurt so much when the payment is due 🙂

  5. Hi there
    I am new to town and would like to register for your 2013 5 day ride. How do I go about this and do you have access to any horses for the trek?
    Warm regards

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