Riding Cavalcaders – What to bring…

Trail Specific info will be sent out in January but basically…



.  Waterproof coat/jacket, leggings & hat

.  Jersey, balaclava, socks, longjohns, gloves

.  Hot weather gear e.g shorts & T shirt

.  Gaiters are a good idea to keep rubbish & rain out of boots

.  Riding boots or boots with a heel suitable for walking

.  Towel & toilet articles

.  Sleeping bag & mat / stretcher

.  Sunscreen & insect repellent

.  Personal items and a roll of loo paper

.  Small first aid kit for you and your horse

.  Camera & torch

.  Your own mug, plates, cutlery & tea towel – unless stated otherwise

.  Don’t forget a wee treat for yourself and your horse

.  Water bottle

.  Personal medications

.  Money for the bar and Host Town

.  Baby wipes are handy when hand washing difficult


Please read carefully.  The ultimate safety of your trail depends on these requirements.

  1. Remember that your horse is your responsibility.
  2. Choose a suitable horse – AVOIDING a stallion, rig, pregnant mare, horses under 5yrs old or any unruly horses!!
  3. Ensure your horse is fit – long hours walking fit plus a lot of hill work.
  4. If you are travelling long distances to the start of your trail please allow at least 1 rest day for your horse to recover.
  5. All horse must be freshly shod and wormed.  Most find selenium beneficial and electrolytes are advisable, especially if weather hot. Also a salt replacement such as Hummidimix and salt blocks are worth considering.
  6. Have your horse Vet checked BEFORE starting your trail if you have any doubts at all.  Your Trail Boss has the right to exclude any unfit or unsuitable horse.
  7. Avoid dramatic diet changes – if your horse is used to hard feed please bring enough for the days on your trail. Your horse will benefit from a little daily boost of hard feed even if not used to it.
  8. Train with the gear you intend to use. Nothing New! All gear needs to be well broken in before the start of your trail.

You will need:

A thick or multiple saddle blankets to avoid sore backs.

Breast plate and cropper for hill work.

Horse cover – the nights are cold in the hills.

Basic grooming and first aid needs. A couple of spare shoes. As your personal gear will be carted for you, all you need to take each day will be wet weather gear, sunblock, camera and whatever personal stuff you may need.  Keep it light.

  1. Expect an individual gear and horse check at the start of your trail.  The Trail Boss and the Wranglers will be quietly observing for signs of possible stress of all animals throughout the trail.  Please ensure all blankets and covers are secure on your horse at night.  Night stampedes have been caused by slipping covers and torn straps.
  2. Get yourself fit along with your horse and practise walking down steep hills.  If the Trail Boss directs riders to get off and walk, all must do so without exception.
  3. Please respect Landowners property and woolsheds.  The cavalcades would simply not be possible without their permission.
  4. Please give way to a harness horse if you are a rider – they have to allow for wheels as well as hooves.
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice.  Your Trail Boss and Wranglers are not babysitters but are there to guide and ensure safety.
  6. Your horse must be either trained by you of by the person you may be borrowing it from.  Collecting a horse from the paddock the day before is not on! These horses are easily identified and have a good chance of being stood down.
  7. Your horse comes first at the end of the day. No-one leaves their horse until it is unloaded, any cares attended to and it is watered, fed and covered.

12 thoughts on “Riding Cavalcaders – What to bring…

  1. Please add me to the database too. Think 2014 might be the year I finally line up work-family-horses to get there! Thanks

  2. HI there I am planning on coming next year and have great experienced friends that have had many years attending under their belts, my prob is that we have a unexpected wedding on the Fri 22 feb depending on trail (Hope Jane Simpsons) are you allowed to join up on the Sunday, I would be able to be down by 23rd Sat but am asuming that would be 1st days ride out. Only asking this soon as have to give this much notice at work. Cheers Tash Hamilton

    • It ususally costs about $100 per day with most riding trails being 7 days and most walking trails being 4. (Both have cheaper/self catering options). We know all the trails will be finishing at Tapanui and starting 4-7days walking/riding from there from all directions!

  3. Iam interested in doing next years cavalcade please add me to your database so I can get updates.
    Claire Beaumont

  4. Hi, Can you send me a rough outline of the trail rules for the pack horse section please, do pack horses need to be led all the time, I understand that they need to be under control, but heard that they must be led thruout the trail..? generally I dont have mine on a led except for difficult areas etc, is this acceptable.? Tony

    • Hi Tony – unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll have a ‘pack horse’ trail next year. I’ve added you to our email database and an up[date will be sent out after our next Trailboss meeting (end of July) with details of how many trails there will be, who the trail bosses are and where they’re likely to start from.

  5. Hi all,

    can you please email me some info on the 1213 cavelcade, as there are 2 of us wonting to come down and do it, we will have our own horses to bring,

    Many thank Sharleen

    • Hi Sharleen – date is 23rd Feb to 2nd march 2013. Finishing in Tapanui – about $100 per day including all meals and accomm. I’ve added your email to our database so you get up-dates from now on.

  6. Hello there – what do you recommend for keen JAFAs who are experienced riders who wish to participate in 2013 Cavalcade and require rides (trusty steads)
    Are there good folks down there willing to hire/loan out horses.
    This has been a dream since moving to NZ way back when!
    Jody Watton

    • https://cavalcade.co.nz/classifieds/ Hi Jody see the link here (text at the top – before the comments)- if these guys don’t have horses available they’ll know someone who might. So long as by ‘Jafa’ you mean ‘just another friendly Aucklander’ I’m sure someone will be able to sort you out!

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