Walking Cavalcaders – What to bring…

Specific trails may have specific gear lists – these will be sent out in January. Below is a good guidline.



Pack   Period Costume  
Sleeping Bag   Personal toiletries  
Sleeping mat/Airbed   Wipes  
Parka   Blister Pads  
Overtrousers   First Aid Kit  
Sturdy footwear   Sunscreen  
Hat   Insect repellent  
Gloves   Teatowel  
Bushshirt, jersey, jacket   Cutlery, plate, bowl, mug  
Trousers, tops   Torch  
Underwear, thermal wear   Camera (optional)  
Shorts, socks   Sunglasses  
Change of footwear/clothes   Scroggin etc  
Togs   Water Bottle – at least 1.5L  

It is essential that everyone carry Blisterpads. I can hear you say but I never get blisters but the Cavalcade seems to have an uncanny way of making blisters a first time experience for a lot of people. Band-Aid Blister Packs can be purchased at most Supermarkets.

Daypack large enough to carry wet weather gear, thermals, lunch and personal effects.

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